About Us


Incorporated since 1998, Cookies-n-Milk Inc continues to serve in the tri-state area of Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia. We have expanded boundaries not only to the local mid-atlantic region, but our arms reach nationwide as we continue to multiply.


Clients are proud to do business with us because of our commitment to make good on challenges set before us. Producing new product lines for our clients has bonded our relationships proving that we can be there to help each other grow in strength and variety.


Management and Research & Development hold a combined 47 years of experience in the dessert industry. Together, they achieve taste, texture, smell and a working operation to move your product.

Our production staff has come to know and love working in an environment where they are challenged with new and innovative projects while adapting to new working situations as we launch new products and lines. We have commitment from our staff and the high quality experience reflects our combined dedication.