Custom Manufacturing

What something new?

Cookies-n-Milk specializes in wholesale frozen cookie dough and other custom projects as a primary function for your company. We create products and entire lines specific to the needs of your company and desires of your customers.

Our highly trained and qualified Research and Development lab works with many high quality ingredients and will only use the best we can find. Not only will these hand selected ingredients work for your newly created product, but it will make your product stand out among the crowd. What you'll taste is definitely what you'll want in your locations.

Already have a product but require changes?

Our lab will take your product and turn it into something better than you thought possible. Whether you have a recipe or finished product, we are confident that when our R&D lab gets their hands on it, you will see improvements from the first submission.

I have a product, I have a recipe, and I want it to stay the same.

So you have a signature product and looking for someone to manufacture it for you? We can help! In addition to creation, we know how to follow instructions too. If you can provide a recipe, we can provide the product.

Ready to begin?

Contact Us to begin the process. Please include if it is a New Product, Change Product, No Changes to product, what type of product you want, and what your expected volume will be. This will allow us to adequately communicate with you about which process is required.