Cookie Platter

Frozen Cookie Dough

Our signature line is in wholesale frozen cookie dough. We make cookies the old fashioned way, using top quality ingredients such pure cane sugar, real chocolate, and more. Our line of frozen cookie dough will produce the most homemade tasting cookie on the market.

Our frozen cookie dough comes already cut for convenience and portion control. We offer a variety of the most popular flavors in a wide range of sizes from 0.67oz to 4oz. These cookies will become a customer favorite.

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Thaw and Serve Cookies

Thaw and serve cookies are just the thing if you want great cookies but don't have time to bake them yourself. Our already baked cookie line comes in a variety of flavors and a range of sizes from 1oz to 4oz. Reasonably priced and super convenient, these cookies are a guaranteed winner.

Do you need high-quality wholesale cookies or cookie dough at great prices? Cookies-n-Milk is dedicated to finding the perfect solution for your company!

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